There is no God. The Absence of God: Immortality Is Arogant

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Immortality Is Arogant

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  1. GeezLouise, you spelled AROGANT rong, pal (ARROGANT). How are to believe you? Mama mia. No problem. I spell thangs MissMatched 24/7. Apparently, that's life (c'est la vie, oui?)

    Nevertheless, what you fail to realize is this: everyone croaks, brudda; we all gotta date with death. So, not too wise, son, if Allah promote is the whorizontal and, like filthy ol Allah who raped, sodomized, stoned, and beheaded peeple who he thot were below that sinfull mortal, where's THAT gonna gitcha when 1-outta-1 upNcroaks, pal?

    Again, perhaps you missed this when they were teaching Sunday School: Seventh-Heaven -or- the Abyss o'Misery await for this meeesly time on earth according to what each one of U.S. has done, good or bad...

    Hope those lines give you some fodder for your stalwart reflection of stability; here's summore:

    trustNjesus, brudda.
    Meet me Upstairs.
    Let's getta Big-Ol beer...
    gotta lotta tok bout.