There is no God. The Absence of God: Why Follow Organized Religion?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Follow Organized Religion?

Organized religion is obviously the most common form of religion, whether it be Christianity, Hinduism, or Scientology. For generations, men and women have followed intricate practices that were never described in their holy book, but were simply devised by their religious leaders.

The belief of the notion that time has no beginning and no end, that there has always been something in existence, is just as odd as the notion that belief in a creator is perfectly normal. This is not the belief of one particular religion, although the closest named belief to this is Deism. All of the practices that go along with any organized religion, however, are ridiculous. If "God" wanted us to worship him in a certain way, wouldn't he have told us that way? They say God is a creator, and seeing as he supposedly created the universe, wouldn't he appreciate if we each worshiped him in our own ways, rather than in someone else's? If there were a God who demanded worship, why wouldn't he make it clear to us that he exists? And wouldn't God appreciate the people who doubt his existence for lack of evidence, i.e., cautious thinkers, rather than the gullible who believe something because they were told it was true? How can one follow a given religion when they know that most of its practices were made up by some cleric who lived hundreds of years ago? It just seems completely blind and irrational.

The Bible says that God sent us the ten commandments via Moses. If God is all knowing and all powerful, which by the way, is logically impossible, why wouldn't he just tell us himself to clear confusion? So if you do believe in a certain religion, then the next time you go to your church or your synagogue or mosque, ask yourself why you follow the religion that you do. Why do you listen to an old man ramble on and on about a book written two thousand years ago that you don't actually agree with for the most part, unless of course you are a fundamentalist? This question may lead to thought that could free your mind from "God". Why should a Catholic man tell a priest that he "sinned" just because a group of men deemed the priest worthy of being told that information? Why should your life be guided by a group of men who claim to talk to their God? It shouldn't; live by your own opinions, not by others' threats of eternal damnation.

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