There is no God. The Absence of God: We Can't Be Afraid to Criticize Judaism

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Can't Be Afraid to Criticize Judaism

Undeniably, 1940-1945 was one of the worst five years in the course of human history. Millions died horrid, gruesome deaths. When we think of WWII, we usually think of the Holocaust. When we think of the Holocaust, we almost certainly think of German and French Jews perishing. In addition to the fact that the Nazis targeted many other groups besides the Jews, although not nearly as heavily, many other civilians died. In the book Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, historian Timothy Snyder talks about how contrary to popular belief, Jews were not the hardest hit group in death count. In fact, less than half the amount of Jews died as Poles during WWII. Yet, in America is it looked down upon to criticize Poles? No. But if you criticize Judaism you are suddenly labeled an anti-Semite.

It is no secret that there is a very strong Jewish lobby in the United States. The fact that we even think of Judaism when we think of religion demonstrates this quite well. There are around 14-18 million Jews in the world, as opposed to over 100 million observers of Shinto. But Shinto never occurs to us when we think of various religions around the world. Another thing that demonstrates the power of the Jewish lobby is the fact that it is automatically considered anti-Semitic to criticize Judaism, as was previously stated. 

Like Christianity, Judaism has many flaws that need to be exposed. People in America tend to consider Judaism to be a more peaceful and moderate religion that other popular religions, and while that has proved to be somewhat true, it is certainly not always the case. Normal Jewish    parents refuse to let their children have relationships with non-Jews and even disown or estrange themselves from them if they chose to do so after leaving the house. Recently, far-right Israeli activist Baruch Marzel wrote to model Bar Rafaeli telling her not to marry her Gentile boyfriend because it would dilute the Jewish race. His letter contained the following passage: "Your grandmother and her grandmother did not dream that one of their descendants would one day remove the family's future generations from the Jewish people," the letter continued, "Assimilation has forever been one of the enemies of the Jewish people."

Furthermore, the Jewish lobby has caused the United States to tolerate Israel many times after it has stepped out of bounds. That's not to say that we are necessarily pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, but obviously both sides have done many foolish things. In May 2010 the Israeli government raided a flotilla that was bringing resources to Palestine. The U.N. said that the Israelis used "excessive force", and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the raid "cause for war". 

In the United States and in any democratic society, we must remember that we have the right to free speech and that we can criticize Judaism without being anti-Semitic. People being called that term for no good reason has gone on for far too long, and so we need to show that Judaism can be put down and its flaws must be pointed out to society as has been done with any other major religion.

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