There is no God. The Absence of God: Dear Christianity

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear Christianity

Dear Christianity,

For whatever reason, you, and other world religions, have put yourselves in stark contrast to science and Darwinian theory, ever since they emerged. Your explanation for this is that scientific theory goes against your religion, and that theories like evolution go against theories like creationism. But aren’t theories like creationism a bit too simple for your oh so powerful and divine God?

One would be hard pressed to argue against the proposition that the universe that science describes is far more admirable and jaw dropping than the one that creationism describes. Science speaks of a universe that never stops expanding, a universe where there may or may not be another planet that contains life besides planet earth. Science describes an earth where for hundreds of millions of years, animals have been changing and evolving for the sake of survival, an earth where all animals (including humans) pursue their own paths in their own varied and marvelous ways. An earth that is so incredibly complex and that contains so many species that we will never be able to discover them all. One must be blind not find all of this to be beautiful, and amazing.

But yet, there are theories out there such as your creationism, which describes an earth that is much less splendid than the one science describes. Creationism describes an extremely simple planet earth. According to creationism, earth is the only planet within the entire universe that contains life. We are watched over by a kind and loving God. A God who can control any events that happen on earth, at any time he pleases. A God that created life on earth in seven days, and that made all species on earth for the simple purpose of serving humans. Are these ideas not more boring and unsuitable to such a smart and powerful God than the ideas that science describes?

Today, religious people often say things such as, 'God works in mysterious ways.' Well, if a God where to exist, then why would he not have worked in mysterious ways when he created earth? Would it not be more suitable for such a divine being to be in control of an earth that is much more complex than the one described in the bible? An earth much like the one described in science, where life is still constantly changing. Where nature has come about in such incredible ways rather than simply having been created as they are today.

So Christianity, why have you not allowed for the possibility of evolution and other scientific discoveries? Wouldn’t that be more fit for your divine and beloved God?


The Atheist Crusader

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