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Friday, September 9, 2011

Ask Questions Below!

If anyone would like to ask us a question on evolution, religion, or any other topic of your choosing, post your comment below. We will respond within 24 hours in the comment section, while the most interesting question will be formally answered as an official blog post. Feel free to ask questions!
-The Absence of God Bloggers


  1. Creationists love to ask the question, "If evolution is real, then why is it not still happening?" I know this is asking the obvious, but could you give me your thoughts?

  2. Dear Anonymous, evolution is still very much happening before our eyes. A great example of this is bacteria. Bacteria can evolve very quickly (sometimes within a year or less), to become resistant to certain types of medicine. Another example of this can be found in this article by Richard Dawkins, on how birds have started to church higher so they can be heard over all noise pollution we have today.
    Hope this helps,
    The Atheist Crusader