There is no God. The Absence of God: Why Atheism Requires No Faith

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why Atheism Requires No Faith

Over the last few weeks, I have done extensive research on the common arguments religious people use to criticize atheism. One of their favorite ones, 'atheism requires more faith than religion,' outrages me and I do not see why us atheists do not address such comments more directly. This post is meant to do exactly that.

Atheism is not a religion. It requires no faith, no belief, and absolutely no dedication. Atheism is the end result of an unbiased thought process. A thought process that follows the basic rules:
1) I will take nothing at its word
2) All theories decided upon will be backed up by facts and data
3) My beliefs will always be open minded
Religion lacks all three of these.

The fact is, atheism does not have a list of beliefs to cling to as a religion almost always does. Our theories are to us as science is to scientists, constantly evolving. Religion on the other hand does not change. It has stayed the same over the centuries, never changing, not even when put into question and proved wrong. I find it incredible that people today can still believe in the same stories and set of rules that were believed by others of the same faith thousands of years ago.

While all members of a religion have the same core beliefs, we atheists do not all share common theories. We answer all of our questions by doing research and interpreting its results. Our interpretations of what we find is what we call our theories. No theory is carved in stone and believed in forever. All theories are constantly being challenged and changed by atheists themselves, and no theory is universally held by all atheists. We atheists have no complete faith in any of our beliefs. In fact, no atheist maintains the same beliefs and theories at the end of their life as the ones they had in the beginning of their life.

When religious people say atheism requires faith, they really mean it requires thought. Faith is defined as a complete trust in someone or something. We atheists do not have this complete trust in our beliefs as members of religion seem to have in theirs. We have evolving beliefs and theories based on facts and our ongoing interpretation of these facts. This is not to be mistaken with faith.

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