There is no God. The Absence of God: The Attraction of God

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Attraction of God

When trying to prove God to be existent, religious people bring up how the entire world has religion as part of its culture. They ask you things like; do you really think this is just some fluke? Is God just an accident that the entire world seems to have latched on to? To answer that question, yes He is. But an accident that seems to have come in several different forms.

Different parts of the world have different religions, but all of these regions seem to have one thing in common, they are all completely obsessed with their God. They offer Him sacrifices of human/animal bodies, or put food out in front of His statue, or even go light candles in His "home," the church. All of this is done to please Him. But why must them please Him? Because if they do not, they believe He will not help them with their problems in the future.

Instead of trying to solve their problems on their own, people feel the need to take the pressure of their shoulders, and put them on God's shoulders instead. Instead of accepting the blame for failing to solve their problems, they feel the need to give it another explanation such as, "God did not want things to happen that way" or "I must have displeased Him" instead of just admitting the simple, "I messed up on this one."

Another reason humans feel the need to have a God is so that they can answer all of their questions. Instead of looking to answer hard questions by themselves, they take the easy way out. They credit what is in their eyes a kind and loving God for all the wonders in the world. Wonders that 1000 years ago could not be explained, but now with the recent developments of science could be explained in an instant. God is an answer for the outdated mysteries. Mysteries that have now been solved.

Finally, God saves humans of all the uncertainties in life. One example of this is the popular: What happens when life ends? The reason for this question is the great fear of what happens to oneself after dying. Death has become a naturally accepted part of life. What has not been naturally accepted is the idea that there is no life after death. A human cannot imagine a world without himself, nor can he imagine the prospect that after death comes nothing. Like everything else in life, a human wants an explanation. Not just any explanation such as one proved by science. No, a human wants to hear the easy explanation: the one that says that their minds will always be there. That after death comes more life, this time, in a magical place called heaven where all things are wonderful and where life goes on forever.

But even the most religious people in the world are not convinced by this explanation. When put to the test, every human is scared of dying because they themselves are not convinced by this novel theory of life after death. Humans seem to have managed to convince themselves of this theory, but when shed some light on; it becomes apparent that no one is crazy enough to believe in such a crazy idea.

Humans have created the idea of a God as an explanation for everything in life, whether it is to take pressure/blame of themselves, or getting the questions of life easily answered and to their best interests. Different regions have created their God in different shapes or forms, but all these regions are equally obsessed in keeping their God happy so he will be kind to them in life. When questioned about their religion, people feel offended and mad because God is such an important part of their life. But when put to test of life or death, they prove that even they do not believe in their self-created crazy theory of religion.


  1. What's harder to believe: In the Bible, which has stood the test of time over 2000 years, and which is also archaeologically and scientifically accurate..or Atheism, which tells us we are here for no reason, and that everything in the world is completely random?

    To believe in atheism requires much more faith than believing in God. If your theory is correct, what you just wrote in this post was completely random and due to spontaneous chemical reactions in your brain.

    So why keep on writing at all? It's meaningless really! (In your beliefs)

    Christianity isn't blind faith. It's faith based on facts and history. There's plenty of evidence proving the bible's accuracy here:

  2. Why are you afraid to use your real name? Why run away from your heritage? You are like Paul (Saul of Tarsus) in the Bible... I won't call you an 'atheist'.

    I found your link at where I also posted the link to my blog at http://dennisglennministry/wordpress.

    I do not know you but God does know you very well. The first thing that crossed my mind while reading your blog is that you have a daughter, which you worry so much about. Secondly, I saw that you have been through very turbulent times in your life; somethings had made you very depressed and resentful, with some nightmares too. When your mun was around you she loves you... but have you ever had your father's love?

    I can go on and on to tell you things about your life. The things you try to push away from you, the knowledge of God, will not go away. God does not need any introduction, acceptance or acknowledgment. I am sufficient.

    I will give you a sign that will surely come to pass: "if you crosses this year from mid September to December 2011, then you will know that God truly exist with no shadow of doubt..."

    I will eagerly wait for your answer in January 2012.

  3. So what you're saying is that because you decided so, our lives continuing from September past December is proof of there being a God? Please elaborate, oh wise one.

  4. In response to Dennis, I am too young in my opinion to even be married. Second of all, my mother is still alive. My father and I have a great relationship. Maybe you shouldn't assume what you do not know, even if you think God has told you so.

    1. In other words you do not even have a daughter this Dennis is claiming God told him...

  5. Great post.

    Had to laugh at the comments. I love the way fundamentalists have no qualms using falsehoods like claiming the Bible is supported by archaeological evidence. I assume it's because they know facts and honesty don't support them. To be charitable, I suppose it could be that they just wish it were true and so assume it must be, so don't bother checking. There seems to be a skill in avoiding learning inconvenient facts. I wonder how they know in advance what not to learn.

    There seems to be a belief that, if only they can con someone into falling for their superstitious phobia it'll somehow all come true.

    I expect its something to do with coping with the inevitable cognitive dissonance which comes from trying to believe something you know deep down to be false.

  6. I'd like to point out as an atheist myself that jesusblogspot obviously has a misunderstanding of what an atheist is:
    "To believe in atheism requires much more faith than believing in God"

    Atheism is the absence of a belief. Even to say that atheism is the belief in nothing is slightly off. Atheism does not require faith, it "requires" nothing.