There is no God. The Absence of God: The Weekly Church News Roundup

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Weekly Church News Roundup

Welcome to the first Weekly Church News Roundup. Below is a list of all the top stories around the web regarding religion during the last week.

  • Religion is on the brink of becoming extinct in 9 countries. Read here.
  • America's faith in god is softening. Did you know 20% of Americans no longer attend church?
  • In a question and answer in the Washington Post this week, Richard Dawkins explains to GOP presidential candidate and Texas governor Rick Perry, why evolution is more than just a mere theory.
  • In Indonesia, a mayor is trying to ban churches.
  • Did you know Hinduism plays a big part in American culture? Read here.
  • The extremely profitable pastor Joel Osteen was handed a 3 million dollar law suit this week.
  • Yet another lawsuit accuses Daniel McCormack, a former priest who has already been sentenced to five years in jail for abusing boys, of sex abuse.
  • A person took to Yahoo! Answers for recommendations on how to stop their children from becoming atheists, and this is the great response they received.
And that's it for this weeks Weekly Church News Roundup. Come back next week for more religious news around the web.

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