There is no God. The Absence of God: The Religious Hoax; The Danger of Religion

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Religious Hoax; The Danger of Religion

Religion is a very dangerous tool. While the reason for its big following are innocent, the Catholic Church or any such religion has been used by its prosperous leaders as an industry. That's right, an industry.
The Catholic Church for example, asks the public for donations to help the Church 'prosper.' But what in your opinion actually prospers from these donations? The Church can only do so much building and missionary work to help it grow, the rest of the money is kept to give the church a huge surplus of money. The main recipients of this huge surplus are of course the leaders of the Church itself.
What about the donations given from well meaning people that are intended to spread the idea of Christianity to the rest of the world? How can the spreading of religion be a hoax? The answer lies in the growing base of that religion.
When a religion's base grows, the amount of donations grow accordingly making the Church richer and richer. That is where the danger comes in at full throttle. When the Church becomes increasingly rich and powerful, it becomes increasingly obsessed with the continuation of its prosperity. This eventually raises the question: do the leaders of the religion still care about the teachings of their religion or do they now care more about the prosperity of their religion?
The answer to this question is almost always the prosperity of their religion which creates uprisings within that religion. A primary example of such an uprising is the creation of Protestantism, which was originally started by protesters of the Roman Catholic Church's inhumane decision to ban any protest of its religion with punishments that are frankly, not very pleasant.
But religion has not only cheated us in the past. In fact, it does so to an even higher degree today. A prime example of this is the incredibly prosperous Joel Osteen, who preaches to hundreds thousands of people all of whom he collects donations from for his church, as well as the millions of copies his books sell every year. While you and I might see past his handsome smile and extreme hypocrisy, millions of Americans do not. Instead they see a great man who serves the cause of their wonderful religion. But what they do not see is his real motivation. It is not to help the cause of religion, nor is it to help dire people in much need of help. NO, Joel Osteen's motivation is very simple. It is the same as the Roman Catholic Church's motivation in the 16th century. It is the same motivation that thousands of other people like Mr. Osteen also share, to prosper.
Unfortunately, the majority of people do not see the Religious Hoax, and of course with that hoax comes great danger to human society.
-The Atheist Crusader

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