There is no God. The Absence of God: A Religious Discussion: Response to a Comment by a Relgious Blogger

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Religious Discussion: Response to a Comment by a Relgious Blogger

Please Note: This short post is in response to a comment by a religious blogger...
The comment:
What's harder to believe: In the Bible, which has stood the test of time over 2000 years, and which is also archaeologically and scientifically accurate..or Atheism, which tells us we are here for no reason, and that everything in the world is completely random?

To believe in atheism requires much more faith than believing in God. If your theory is correct, what you just wrote in this post was completely random and due to spontaneous chemical reactions in your brain.

So why keep on writing at all? It's meaningless really! (In your beliefs)

Christianity isn't blind faith. It's faith based on facts and history. There's plenty of evidence proving the bible's accuracy here:

Atheism is not some random idea supposedly "proved" by a collection of stories and commandments in a book. No, Atheism is simply the result of a thought process; a thought process that says, I will not believe just anything I am taught or raised to believe. Instead, I will form an opinion based on facts proved by something actually reliable such as science, not a book written 2000 years ago and simply take it at its word.

Second of all, by no means is the bible scientifically correct. Science proves the world is hundreds of millions years old. The bible in contrast says it is 6000 years old. The bible says that humans were some of the first ever species on earth. Science proves humans came way after the world started. The list goes on and on.

Third of all what is written on our blog is not random "chemical reactions" in our brains, it is a piece based on facts, and intellectual thinking!

We atheists do not cling to our ideas, in fact, we are constantly trying to expand them or prove them wrong just like scientists do with science. Religious people's stubborn beliefs on the other hand are the same on Wednesday as they were on Monday, no matter what happens Tuesday. That is the fundamental difference between atheism and religion.


  1. Hi atheist,
    You said this to John McTernan:
    "I am not fan of your work. You spread lies for money, lies that have been proved to be what they are by Science."
    I would like to tell you a little bit about the man John McTernan. He has helped me and many others like me to grow closer to the Lord Jesus Christ who we all love and he hasn't charged me or any others a penny. He sends ton of Bibles to Africa freely,and he doesn't charge a penny. He collects money for the Jews in Israel and he doesn't charge a penny, what do you do?
    There is so much teaching on his site that anyone can read for free, teachings about things that really matter, things that it would do you well to look into.
    He didn't delete your comment, though he could have, because he loves people like you and so do I .

    We hope that you would meet the Lord Jesus Christ and let Him wash your sins away, but you must repent first.Jesus is the Christ, the Glorious Son of the Living God. He is alive and powerful and you yourself are breathing and alive today and haven't perished in your sins yet because of His great mercy and patience and love for you, yes You!

    The Lord Jesus has changed my life and has already done SO much for me that I could never go back and live the way that you live,with no hope and without God in the world. Hopelessly depending on your own power to make things right.You are a man and no God, you have no power to forgive sins only Jesus can do that. You are denying things you know nothing about, You must be born again or you will die in your sins and go to Hell. Hell is a real place as well as Heaven.
    Jesus is the way the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father, Our Creator, except through Him. Please think about these things I have said, and choose LIFE!

  2. Dear Gerie, I admit my assumption that it was for money may have been premature and without knowledge of the situation, I find your response to post completely out of context. If you have not noticed, I follow the facts and I have no time for myths like Jesus Christ.

  3. Donating Bibles to Africa is not good, my dear sir. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It spreads false belief, intolerance, and war. And please tell, if Jesus is alive and well, why won't he just reveal himself to the whole world, like he did in the Bible?

  4. I am responding to The Atheist Crusader's comment in my blog.
    He asked 'How do you know there is a God?'
    No one has ever seen God at any time. But if we love one another, God abides in us and His love has been perfected in us.
    I believe my response is best summed up in this video testimony by Ron and Sheila, which is proof that God is real in our lives.

  5. All of us experience crazy things. You just label them miracles and attach God to them.

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