There is no God. The Absence of God: Religion is the Cause of The Middle-East's Problems

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Religion is the Cause of The Middle-East's Problems

This is an excellent article outlining how religion is the root cause of virtually all of the current issues in the Middle East.

Religious Belief and Violence in the Middle East
by Jim Walker
Originated: 30 July 2006
Additions: 05 Nov. 2008

The world press continually ignores or does not see the elephant in the room. In every war and every violent conflict in the Middle East, resides a prime reason as to why these brutal conflicts occur. The media mainly reports about issues of politics, land, honor, and terrorism, and although these constitute surface reasons, the reporters rarely mention the deeper systemic roots, the fundamental bases for violence. I suspect that part of the reason why everyone fails to mention the elephant, involves an association by guilt. If they reveal the problem, the problem reveals itself back to their own political party and their own religion, so by ignoring or denying the root problems, they avoid direct conflict with their citizenry and their own beliefs.
If you pose the question, "Does any solution exist for solving the problems of the Middle East?" it produces baffling responses. Amazingly the answers usually involve religion as a solution. How many times have we heard that "Islam is a religion of peace," or "Judaism stands for peace, equality, and tolerance," or "Christianity is a religion of peace and love"? The idea that these religions offer the greatest opportunity for peace, and happiness has proven tragically and demonstrably wrong. In every century of the history of these religions, you will find a marked inclination for intolerance, violence, and war. Yes you will find short periods where Christians get along with Muslims, Jews get along with Christians, and Muslims live peacefully among Jews, but for how long? It matters little that each religion has peaceful factions, when each religion also has violence oriented extremists.
And what does the elephant in the room represent? Belief, and in particular, a very dangerous form of belief that stems from superstitious myths. These superstitions evolved into the dominator religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (in that order). Not surprisingly, all three of these orthodox religions began out of conquests from war. The "holy" scriptures from all three religions condone war. All three allow the killing of civilians in order to get at their enemies (God's wrath or collateral damage). All three contain religious scripture that describe apocalyptic end-time prophesies. As long as people believe in these lethal holy-scripts, there will always exist the potential for violence. The religious justification for war from these religions provide distinct examples of the power of self-fulling prophecy.

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